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4/22/14 - KittyCam is back up. Hours approx. 9am - 10pm Pacific. New floor is in, but much to do.
Stream Location: California
Broadcaster Since: January 5, 2008.
Hit Count: 961725.
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Mythicbells Camstream

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The room you see on cam is the office/studio/kitty play room.

bookmark in case I'm not listed on the live cam

page, you can find me at that link.
Adult cats you might see wandering around:

Tiny Bear- Shaded Silver female Chinchilla Persian. Born 9/04.

Simba Kahn- Shaded Golden male Persian, born 3/06.

Gypsy Rose- Female Tabby Persian. She's the fluffiest one. BIG HAIR!! She is Tiny Bear's daughter from the very first Mythicbells litter. Born 10/05.

Nugget- Shaded Golden female Persian, my pirate kitty. She has one eye as she lost the other to a bad infection. Born 8/04.

Sahara -Chinchilla Golden female Persian, born 9/07.

Sirocco - Shaded Golden female Persian, born 9/08.

Kalahari Falcon Khamsin- Chinchilla silver male, born 6/09 - he is Tiny Bear and Simba Kahn's son.

Sequoia - Patched Tabby and White (calico with tabby markings) female, born 10/09.